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Whether you're planning a meal for 6, 8, or 10, we've got you covered. From easy crowd-pleasers to our signature classics.


Our new Crave Case menus that are packed with perks to leaving you wanting for more


Savour from an assortment of 20 delicious multi-cuisine dishes & #curate a meal today. Perfect for an intimate gatherings at home with your family or friends


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Passion on Every Plated Served

At Gourmetz, we believe in serving dishes that are not only delicious but also made with passion, care, creativity, and dedication.

Made without Added MSG

Serving good food without MSG by using only the freshest, quality ingredients and skilful techniques to create delicious, well-balanced dishes.

Nutritionally Balanced

Offering nutritionally balanced meal options, packed with a variety of essential nutrients in appropriate amounts for optimal health

Homemade with Love

Indulge in Gourmetz signature handmade pastries delicious treats made with care, skill, and quality ingredients, perfect for indulging.


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1. Rice / Noodles

  • Aglio Olio Spaghetti
  • Fried Rice with Silverfish & Diced Chicken ⭐
  • Seafood Fried Rice +$10
  • Hometown Style Bee Hoon
  • Hong Kong Fried Noodle

2. Fish / Seafood

  • Salad Prawn Ball
  • Salted Egg Fish Fillet ⭐
  • Salt & Pepper Sotong
  • Sweet & Sour Fish with Lychee
  • Golden Cereal Prawn

3. Poultry

  • Baby Ginger Chicken
  • Sour Plum Chicken (Mei Jiang Ji)
  • Oyster Chicken
  • Rendang Chicken ⭐

4. Sides

  • Ham Wrapped Mini Banger
  • Handmade Chicken Siew Mai
  • Deep Fried Calamari with Mayo Dip ⭐
  • Homemade Prawn Roll with Sweet Sauce
  • Pearl Ball +$10

5. Vegetable

  • Classic Luo Han Zai
  • Treasure wrapped in Beancurd Skin (Chi Tang Pu Du) ⭐
  • Stir-Fried Vegetarian Bites 🥬
  • Broccoli with Assorted Mushrooms 🥬

6. Beancurd

  • Hotplate Style Beancurd
  • Chilled Thai Beancurd Salad
  • Hong Siew Beancurd
  • Deep Fried Beancurd with Thai Sauce

7. Dessert

  • Chilled Honeydew Sago
  • Ice Jelly with Fruit Cocktail
  • Mini Cream Puffs ⭐
  • Assorted Fruits Platter

Delish Mini Buffet


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1. By Land

  • Honey Chicken Wings
  • Chicken with Oyster Sauce
  • Roasted Chicken with Thai Sauce

2. By Sea

  • Fish in Lychee Sauce
  • Prawn Fritters with Mayonnaise
  • Ocean Catch in Thai-Style Curry
  • Fish with Baby Ginger and Spring Onion

3. Comfort Sides

  • Fu Rong Egg
  • Hotplate Style Beancurd
  • Beancurd with Assorted Mushrooms 🥬
  • Cereal Beancurd

4. In The Garden

  • Hong Kong Kailan with Duo Mushrooms 🥬
  • Sautéed Celery with Shrimps
  • Broccoli & Cauliflower with Duo Mushrooms 🥬
  • Golden Jade Mixed Vegetables

5. Savoury Bliss

  • Handmade Siew Mai
  • Shrimp Dumpling
  • Glutinous Pearl Ball
  • Signature Yam Kueh ⭐

6. Central Main

  • Meat Galore Fried Rice
  • Olive Fried Rice
  • Hometown Style Fried Bee Hoon
  • Braised Ee-fu Noodle with Enoki Mushrooms 🥬

7. Small Bites

  • Shrimp Roll with Sweet Sauce
  • Breaded Scallop
  • Spring Roll 🥬
  • Samosa 🥬

8. Handmade Specials

  • Assorted Pastries
  • Assorted Nonya Kuehs ⭐
  • Chocolate Éclairs
  • Assorted Sesame Ball

9. Sweet Bliss

  • Honeydew Sago (Chilled)
  • Cheng Teng (Hot / Chilled)
  • Chilled Longan with Almond Beancurd
  • Ice Jelly with Mixed Fruit Cocktail